Monday, 29 October 2018

Writing Update: October 2018

As October draws to a close, I have sadly fallen behind on one of my writing goals. That is to finish and prepare a small omnibus of spooky stories for sale on Amazon Kindle. That's not to say it will never happen, but it won't be reaching its Halloween release date.

Sad as that is, it may be for the best at the moment.

The first story (available for free already on my blog) the Disappearance of Wilson would be on there, while the other two stories I am working on would also be present. Those two are Priests of the White God and Finiphobia.

Priests is a fantasy horror thriller set on the high seas as things are not quite what they seem. The crew of Isidore's Pride flee from the oppressors in the Empire who seek to hunt them down and slaughter them. Their cargo may just save their whole nation, and if it doesn't arrive in time, who knows what could happen? Presently at 4,556 words of 10,000.

Second is Finiphobia. When the world ends, writer Ralph Macintosh thinks he's the last living man in Lanark Falls. Fortunately for him, he stumbles upon Chuck Duncan who is hiding out in the local highschool. The two begin writing the first post-apocalyptic published literature to pass the time, however, disagreements over how the story should end soon take place. Becoming increasingly paranoid of one another, the two men soon discover that they may not have to worry about the infection outside as much as the jealousy inside. Currently at 2,678 words.

Those two stories have been distracted from by work on other short stories, but now I'm aiming to polish them off for perhaps a New Years release, while working on other shorts to pitch around. I can't say much about the other shorts just yet, but I can say I intend to send them off and update you more once they're closer to completion.

Until then, I hope to update you soon on the work I'm attempting and to keep offering fun little other updates on here. Hopefully you'll stick around for more of my work and the blog! Until next time!

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