Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2018 Recap

I'm happy to say I have had a successful year in 2018. In recap I finished my goals for 2018 in writing (major submission of a novella to Tor) and began new goals, writing a horror anthology which I hope to release now in 2019, working on other short stories for submission, and increasing my blog output.

I also accomplished my goal of reading over 50 books this year, coming in at 51, though I quibble if reading a series of anthologies counts, I've been informed it should so I nicely just squeak over the line.

I'm setting a new goal for 2019, aiming for 60 books read. It's realistic and I hope to make a good dent in that goal in the coming months!

Projects coming up in 2019 now:
  • Completing my short story anthology for Halloween 2019, which includes the work in progress short stories Finiphobia, Priests of the White God, and adding two other stories, one a work in progress (which I aim to be longer) and the already complete The Disappearance of Wilson and these I'm aiming to release in October 2019!
  • Working on completing a travelogue of my time crossing the Pacific and back, which has been under way for about a year. It will chronicle my visit to Hawaii and Australia and my first time dipping my feet in the Pacific, with visits to Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, and Adelaide. Hopefully a short humorous piece. Tentatively preparing for a February release.
  • Work on other as yet secret projects which I won't reveal too much about. One is science fiction and another is a long term fantasy project. Both are hopefully going to reach novel length at 100,000 words.
These projects, among other things, should keep me busy through the coming year. Lots to do and much to be accomplished!

All in all 2018 was a very good year for me. Personally, professionally, and writing wise. Happy New Year everyone!

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