Monday, 18 March 2013

Yet Another Writing Update

Greetings readers. For any of you who follow me on Facebook you will no doubt know I refer to Matthew Stienberg: Writer. Now some of you may say 'Well for a writer you sure don't write anything' to which I would first retort 'Well you're reading some of it right now!' but ah you say 'certainly a writer is someone who has published work to his name' and I suppose I ought to retort by adding 'Well I am working on some items at the moment'.

Though I suppose I ought to prove it at least.

Well readers for anyone whose looking forward to what I'm writing I can tell you my current projects are running along smoothly.

Service to the State has currently passed the half-way mark to completion and is progressing nicely (albeit more slowly than I would like) but so far in little spurts and bounds it is growing, though I must say that space assassins can be pretty fun characters to write about.

The few issues that have stalled me currently were some basic world building issues (such as how to handle interplanetary crime) and of course how best to continue on with characterization for both Laurent and Jessica. For Jessica it is essential I not screw up even one motivating factor, it is going to be my first major work afterall, and I really can't afford to mess that up!

Meanwhile the world around it grows and I'm hoping to be putting some OC that I've got planned up on the site as it goes. In the works are a flag for the two main star nations in the story, the Socialist Commonwealth of Tau, and the Republic of Grant.

These two nations are the crux of the universe (not the only ones mind, but certainly the most powerful in their respective sectors) and the struggles they engage in will be defining aspects of how the universe is shaped. It's a war of national pride and competing national ideologies, and sadly ideological wars can be some of the most brutal.

So far I've been dithering about the obligatory bootcamp sequence and how to include it without stumbling into cliche territory, while at the same time working up the aspects of space combat in this universe. So far I've mapped out two space battles and I'm hoping to pen them out in rough soon enough.

On a more random note I've also penned out some ideas in rough for a stand-alone science fiction story. Having been learning about the Russian Revolution lately and being nostalgic for the Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I've put a few random thoughts down on paper and I've been mapping out the basic sketch for the story of a colony of Earth being basically strip mined for its resources and the cruel managers don't give a damn. I also had a few ideas while reading some of the back blurb on the most recent Honor Harrington novel recently, so it got me to thinking about these things.

The general idea revolves around a group of young and old revolutionaries of differing backgrounds, socialists, libertarians, and technocrats, all struggling together to try and overthrow the planetary government and gain political and economic independence. It's only a rough concept and will have to wait until I can devote more time to it before being really fleshed out.

As I also said on my page I have an alternate history scenario that I've written out which is fairly rudimentary and covers some major historical points, and I may put it up on my alternate history board just for kicks. It would be cool to write some stories set in that world, so I wouldn't completely mind keeping such ideas on the shelf for a later date.

So far 2013 has been a slow writing period, but then we still have a year to go!

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