Thursday, 8 November 2012

World War Z: First Full Trailer

See it here

Ok so many people have probably seen the first 23 second long mini trailer for World War Z the movie. Needless to say it was a horrible trailer which should have never been done.

That being said however, this full length trailer gives us a good look at this upcoming movie which seems to have a somewhat solid plot behind it, decent cinematic effects, and good action. This actually has caused me to give the film a second thought.

When I first heard about Brad Pitt's association with the film I was rather dismayed, as I couldn't think of anyone less suited to the task at hand. Now though, it seems like a fairly decent plot has been put together which can use Pitt to his full extent, and it looks as though their actually borrowing a number of ideas from the book. This brings it up in my estimation and means that it warrants a wary first glance.

So now I'm holding my breath and hoping that when this film comes out I'll be treated to something that blows away my low expectations.

Give the trailer a watch. It may change your opinion too.

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