Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Monsanto Menace

While usually I don't have much to say about companies and corporations I recently found a video from an unlikely source. is a website that revolves around the establishing of alternate market opportunities in preparation for an economic downturn or collapse. It is also a part of the so-called liberty movement and makes its political views very clear. While it does have some decent articles from time to time it spends an unhealthy ammount of time peddling various conspiracy theories and decrying the American system. So it should be understandable that the author and I rarely see eye-to-eye on anything.

So imagine my surprise when the authour posted this artcile. It features a link to youtube video featuring the documentary 'David vs. Monsanto' which revolves around a Canadian farmer who is doing his best to fight back against the insidious influence of Monsanto and their attempts to enforce their ridiculous patent of GMO foods. For those unfamiliar a brief bit of background; Monsanto is a major player in the agribusiness of genetically modified organisms. As such they have put a patent on the particular content of their food and if that genetic pattern or seed shows up on another person's property Monsanto will sue you, sieze your product and milk you for every dollar you are worth.

Sueing people for impractical reasons is their trademark

Now I believe that Monsanto is probably one of the most evil corporations since the United Fruit Company and they have a number of unethical and immoral business practices which they like to use. As such I would encourage people to boycott their product and vote with your dollars by shopping at alternative food stores and buying from local vendors and deprive the mega-corps of their greens.

That however, is a topic for another time. I encourage people to watch this documentary and see just what it is all about and I want to raise awareness of what this company is doing and how it can effect all of us, even if you own just a small backyard garden plot.

So please watch and enjoy!

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