Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Good News All Around

Despite my long delay in posting again I do have a brief update to share some wonderful news before I start working on another official random post.

Both of these posts come from developments on two fronts, each of which I have been eagerly anticipating for some time.

On one the webcomic "Clockworks" has finally begun updating again after its author's lengthy hiatus. JOY! Clockworks is a steampunk webcomic based around an RP that the author and his friends played and felt it had a good enough storyline to be turned into a major webcomic. The author's prose and art has improved notably over the years and in the most recent few panels it has been improved upon greatly and the author's style is continuing to shine through! It is lovely work. I highly reccomend it to anyone who has ever RP'd or anyone who enjoys steampunk!

http://shawntionary.com/clockworks/?p=1636 (link)

And in other wonderful news another blogger and budding author whom I have been following has just completed his first draft for his novel "Battle for the Wastelands" and is working out the first draft now. I've been following his progress and have been hoping to pick up a few tips on writing and the like from him. He is an excellent writer and I have read some of his other works and I thoroughly enjoy them. Thus I am eagerly awaiting news of its publishing. I plan on being one of the first on amazon to buy it :) (of course this is provided he puts on on Amazon).

I reccomend people checking out his blog as it is a good read with some fascinating opinions. The following link leads to his blog and the attendant post about the completion of the first draft.


I'm wishing good luck to both these writers in their upcoming endeavors and I certainly hope to be seeing more of their work soon.

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