Sunday, 5 February 2012

Russia and China veto on Syria

In the news today a rather unsurprising announcement has come about. A UN Security Council vote on what to do about the apalling situation in Syria was vetoed by China and Russia. It doesn't take a seer to predict this. Syria is friends with both these nations and each of these nations have reasons not to make any protestors anywhere look legitimate.

What baffles me is why the Security Council is still run the way it is. I mean I know there is the fear that by disbanding the 'big boys club' the US, UK, and France might be put at the whim of other nations regarding their actions, but as it stands now no nation can do anything when it comes to helping groups like this!

I also understand that these nations are on the Security Council because they actually have the power to enforce its decress but the weight of the opposing interests on either side is just mind boggling!

In effect I'm sad that events in Syria are playing out as they are with regional powers unable to quench the blood letting being undertaken by the regime and that the UN is paralyzed by the very rules it set down. I simply pray that the regime is somehow toppled in the end.

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