Sunday, 29 July 2018

Those R&R Days

On Thursday I had an absolutely lovely day doing nothing. Now, to some people that may sound awful as I'm supposed to be writing or working, or doing whatever it is twenty-something Canadians do in the summer when our igloos melt. However, much has been happening in my professional and personal life that makes a day spent doing nothing a pure joy.

Many of you older folks may know what I'm talking about already. Days where you don't have to be rushing around or double checking things. Days when you're not really expected to do something and can just do, well, whatever.

Personally, I chose to spend that time with someone I'm rather fond of, while also taking time to expand my reading list and add more weight to my bookshelves. Adding to that realizing I also need a new bookshelf before my existing one collapses or I completely run out of floor space. Walking room is a must after all.

But I was extremely lucky to spend some time in the beautiful city I call home. After days of rain and humidity the weather was near perfect. We were able to go out and sit in the sun and do some much needed R&R (Reading and Relaxation) then move on to grab some delicious lunch at a cantina in the Byward Market. While perusing that in lovely weather, we next got to go and sit at the balcony of the Copper Spirits and Sights rooftop establishment in Ottawa. There we simply had drinks and read. There was something fun about just sitting, drinking, and reading while seeing people who knew there was a two hour wait for one of those coveted balcony seats.

If that doesn't tell you timing is everything I don't know what will.

Alas some brief, but bad, weather did come our way and drive us from our rooftop perch. However, we both got home and sat quietly for the evening, watching some fun documentaries on the hidden killers in British homes throughout history.

All in all, it was a relaxing day I wouldn't have wanted to spend any other way.

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