Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Beautiful City

Many days I wake up and look out my window and I have to smile, because I live in a very beautiful city. Canada's capital may not be as old as say, London, New York, or even Quebec City, but Ottawa is still a very beautiful place.

Originally known as a lumber town more notable for the scope of the violence between its French and Irish lumbermen, its choice as Canada's capital was a compromise which satisfied no one and displeased many. Almost until the last minute people were hoping minds would be changed and that the capital could be moved somewhere else rather than this little hilly city which it seemed was only fit for habitation by swine and lumber barons, and the two were not necessarily mutual exclusive. However, the city stuck, and just in time in 1867, the Parliament Building was completed

Just in time

However, even though the city was not the grandest, and though may never hold that title. It is still beautiful. I have many pleasant days walking down the Rideau Canal, and in the winter, when I am feeling particularly bold, sometimes skating it.

One excellent thing about Ottawa is its museums. I am, by nature and academic inclination, a great admirer of museums. Thankfully, Ottawa has many which can satisfy a history lover like me. There is the War Museum which has many excellent exhibits taking shape on a regular basis, especially with our recent work in remembering Vimy Ridge. The timeless National Gallery which hosts many beautiful works of art from all over the world, and always hosts excellent exhibitions on Canadian artists. Then on the north side of the river you have the breathtaking Museum of Canadian History, which will soon be opening it's Canadian hall, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to understand more about Canada, and on the plus side they have many excellent travelling exhibits which come through every year.

Then there innumerable other activities to take part in in this city. I try and enjoy some of the excellent patio foods and craft beers when I can. You can try so many exciting different alcohols with the craft brewing taking off now, and it is delightfully easy to get good pairings with food nowadays. In the summer though we have excellent festivals, the Tulip Festival finished very recently and it was a beautiful thing to take in. The city is gorgeous this time of year with lilacs and other flowers coming up in bloom.

Then of course there are the places to have fun. Cat cafes are a new addition which are excellent for those of us who love furry friends, but the game shops, gaming cafes, and book stores are all beautiful for intellectual pursuits. Escape rooms, archery tag and axe throwing is also something you may take part in. There's never nothing to do in Ottawa.

In short, I feel I am blessed to live in such a beautiful city, especially at this time of year.

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