Friday, 20 January 2017

Inauguration Day 2017

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Time to do away with a popular president who is leaving the White House with a 60% approval rating, and making way for a man who is going into it with a 40% approval rating. Here goes a president who made his best effort to engage with the media, and here comes a president who calls major news agencies "fake news" for running a story about him he doesn't like. A mature and well spoken president leaves office, and in goes a childish, petty, and immature gentlemen who seems more concerned about his image than his constituents.

All in all it's a sad day for American politics I would say. The wealthiest cabinet ever will be taking office, and one which has already managed to generate more than a little controversy. It is perhaps going to be a time when the people running the nation are more disconnected from the average voter in terms of lifestyle than ever. Add to that a key member of a rabid right wing news rag being made a key White House staffer, well we're in for some interesting times as they say.

Now here's the thing. I've made my opinion clear in other forums and as much as I possibly can that I feel Trump is unfit to sit in the same office that Franklin Delano Roosevelt sat in, that Eisenhower sat in, that Abraham Lincoln sat in, and the list goes on. He is a man not suited for public office, and by his business record he's not even suited run a country, much less a parade.

Even before taking office he's been engaged in petty stunts, grandiose proclamations about how he's not going to reveal his taxes, and how he's "totally cutting himself off from his business empire" (even though his kids are running it) which means he's got conflict of interest written all over him.

So one has to wonder, does he really have his country's best interests at heart?

That is all open to speculation though, and for now all we have is that, speculation, on how Trump will run the United States of America. He's certainly a man with an checkered past, and a very uncertain future. Much like the country he is now president of.

Now perhaps I am being unfair to Mr. Trump, perhaps his cabinet really is made of some of the best appointees who have a strong grasp of what they are about and how to handle the myriad of issues facing their nation. Perhaps even through a cold reasoned technocratic handling of the nation they can get it back on its feet. We don't know how they will run the nation or how much influence they will have over the President Elect.

Or perhaps, their conflicts of interest, a president who seems unable to take no for an answer, and unchecked ideological politics will be about as useful as many of us have imagined it to be.

Nothing is set in stone though, and we can only hope that the future is not too interesting.

Either way though, in less than 3 hours a man with a rocky approval rating takes office as the President of the United States and will deliver a speech to the nation, in one-hundred and forty-eight characters or less.

All hail President Twitter.

Until then, we've got some background music for today:

Until next time everyone!

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