Thursday, 26 July 2012

Paintball and the Stormrunners

Well readers it is summer once again and I am back to doing the 'sport' which I love most, or perhaps hobby would describe it better, and that is paintball. Paintball the one sport where you can hunt your fellow man for fun. I have been an avid paintballer for three years now (well three summers would be more accurate) and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sport. I started this amazing endeavour back in 2009 and have loved every minute that I have spent sweating and running on the paintball field. I'm even part of an amazing team! Check us out on Facebook!

So my dear readers today I would like to share some of my experiences and ideas of what makes a game fun and how you and your friends can make a good team and form together to both have a good time and shoot your friends without consequence (because come on what more incentive do you need?)!

So as stated I started out paintballing a few years back. My friends and I were all eager videogame players or real army enthusiasts. There were some of us going into the military or police work, and others who simply loved the Call of Duty series too much. Either way the idea of firing at one another in real life was too much of a good thing to pass up, so we all got together and went out to a little field a short drive from where I live and we had at it! Needless to say after a long, hot day of shooting at one another, cursing our rental guns, and incurring a significant number of bruises thanks to improving aim, we were were hooked. Afterwards we just had to go back again and play another game!

Thus was I to become a (part time) slave to paintball and all its attendant fun. I warn my readers right away, it is not a cheap hobby nor is it one that is for those who don't like a) pain b) being shot at in any way, or c) being cramped in an uncomfortable position for long periods or running pell mell. Now with that slight disclaimer out of the way I shall go on.

I love paintball for a number of reasons. Having a team, and a team of good friends to boot, is one reason among many. Our team started out as a random collection of friends frequenting some fairly inexpensive fields on weekends. Now we have our own Facebook page and merchandise (be sure to check out that link!!). They are all good friends or aquaintances who I talk to and get along with well. And in a shoot out it is no small thing to know you have friends who can back you up! So if one simply wanted an excuse to get together with friends or an event to meet up with friends that you don't see often (as is the case with me) then paintball really is an excellent event to go to! I enjoy bth playing with, and against my friends. We take it with varying degrees of seriousness. Some of us are hardcore into it while others feel it is a wonderful escape from the stress of things. I personally love it and take it as a challenge to be had and feel that it is a great way to unwind.

One key to having a good team is knowing you can rely on your team mates when you are playing with them (and sometimes against them as the case may be). They are the people you want at your back and they are the ones who will be watching out for you and giving you pointers when you need them. This can be people you have met infrequently or life long friends. But it is important that one know their team.

Some people say that everyone on a team needs standardized weapons. Some say its for the professional touch. I say we aren't a squad of soldiers so unless you all have the same weapons for a team gimmick of sorts it's best to go with what you like rather than what everyone else has. I for instance have a simple Tipman 98. A simple gun it was my first and I have grown very fond of it and it has never let me down when I've needed it. I do think that it is about time I upgrade to a better gun in the near future but for now I intend to play on with this particular gun for a while.

I also think I should add one more thing to finish off the article. When you are playing REMEMBER THAT THERE ARE RULES! For instance don't wipe paint off if you are hit, don't chrono your gun above the regulation level, and don't shoot people who surrender. Not only is it just dumb it invites retaliation if someone remembers. That and makes the game not fun, but a competition of who can be the biggest bastard. My friends and I always follow the rules and we have much better games for it. Remember, rules are there for safety and ensure you have a good time. Don't break them!

So until next time readers, I encourage you to get out and try new things and if you want to beat on your friends, don't do it with fists! Do it with balls!


  1. haha, love the ending! Stormrunners lead the way!

  2. Thanks Barloq! We will crush the opposition!