Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Objectivism vs Libertarianism

Recently on the chat board I posted a question about Objectivism vs Libertarianism. It was a simple matter about how I felt Objectivism and Libertarianism shared many qualities, and how I think Objectivism is simply a vicious outgrowth of libertarian ideas. I have recieved some good comments and they got me thinking about the two ideologies.

While libertarianism is a much broader political scope and ideology that encompasses almost the entire political spectrum Objectivism is a much more narrow and self-centered ideology that encompasses ones own view of the ones self and advocates purposely thrusting that view on society as a whole. I may have been in error when I made a broad sweep about libertarianism and Objectivism being the same, so I most likely goofed in that respect.

I do, however, believe that Ayn Rand's opposition to Libertarianism came from the fact that she unrepentantly grasped onto many of the ideas of the American right (mainly right-wing Libertarianism in the US) and used them while crafting her own personal ideology without giving credit where credit was due, hence why she called libertarianism 'my ideas without teeth [paraphrased]' and was always immensely hostile to them. So hard right libertarianism certainly shares a number of qualities with Rand's works and if compared, really is Rand's works wirhout teeth.

That being said on a second note there is a wonderful new TL on that website which takes Rand's beliefs to their logical conclusions. The TL is masterfully done and catches Rand at her worst. It starts off when Rand has entered a phase of deep depression following the writing of Atlas Shrugged when she is approached by none other than that infamous con-man L. Ron Hubbard and advised on where she may be able to get the worlds 'best and brightest' to a place where they can be free. There they will flourish and be better able to explore their opportunities. Its dark, but morbidly humorous to anyone that find Ayn Rand objectionable. I highly reccomend it.


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