Thursday, 5 January 2012

Current Reading Project

Despite being in school I have taken a number of reading projects. The most recent was a novel called "The Temple" written by Cameron Mitchell whom I know as "Milford" from an online forum. It is his first full novel and was a very interesting read.

After that I finsished a book called Julian Comstock, but I shall post more on that another time.

Currently I am reading a novel called "Lucifer's Hammer" This novel is about a comet that is streaking towards Earth. It is post-apocalyptic but I have yet to arrive at the apocalypse. I'm only a few pages in but I am enjoying it thus far, especially having heard so much about it from others online. I can't wait to get more into it as I go along.

I hope to be able to post about it more as I continue.

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