Monday, 24 December 2012

A General Post

As most readers will notice I have been quite quiet in these closing days of 2012, this despite some truly heinous incidents that deserve to be blogged about. These things of course deserve mention and to be talked about but in order to help bolster holiday spirit I will refrain from posting about them until after December 25th. So for now readers I will leave you with a general outline of what I plan to be posting about in the coming days after.

First off I will be having a discussion on rape, it's various evils, and why the situation in New Delhi is so terrible. Secondly I will briefly be weighing in on the gun issue on Ohio. I want this debate to continue to be analyzed and examined so wingnuts on both sides can be revealed and shut up. Childrens lives were lost and that's what is important for us to remember.

On a third less serious note I will be examining the undead threat and seeing why they are so scary and taking a look at the forbidden sorcery of necromancy. I'm doing a bit of reading on it for some fantasy stories I'd like to do so I think it would be great to explore it.

I will also be doing a post examining the science fiction story I will be writing and attempting to publish in the future.

On that note I'm getting close to being 60% done the story and hopefully I can finish another 15% before the holidays are over and I must return to school. With these goals in mind I hope to keep on writing and keep on blogging.

So for now I just would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my readers and friends out there! May your Christmas be a happy one and let's all look forward to the New Year!

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